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Name Game: Information for the Fictional Character Obsessed

doot doot

Name Game: A Geek's Paradise
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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to the name_game community!

Mission statement: Be the little geeky people we are by fully picking appart and discussing the name meanings and origins of our favorite (and not so favorite) fictional characters and everything associated with them.

Please keep in mind:
1. Discuss nicely. Uncalled for rudeness and disrespect is not acceptable within this community. Proper warnings will be given out because, hey, we all make mistakes.
2. Try to make sure what you're analyzing hasn't already been posted. In order to avoid clutter, a list of discussions has been posted here. Please check the list before posting.
3. Please keep unnecessary cursing to a minimum. A good ol' "damn", "dammit", "shit", and so on is quite okay as long as it isn't abused.
4. Posts not portaining to analysis are okay if: It has sprouted from another post, continuing a joke. Such as, making icons. Or an introduction post. Posting about why you like swimming, however, is not okay.