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Lords of Fire Emblem - Name Game: Information for the Fictional Character Obsessed

About Lords of Fire Emblem

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I might as well post something...up first we have the Lords from Fire Emblem from the US GBA Release. This is something Becca would enjoy.

Fire Emblem (US Release)

Part One: Lords

Lyn: The first character to appear in the US released Fire Emblem is Lyn, a young woman from Sacae who is quite good with a sword. Later it is revealed that her later mother was of noble blood making Lyn a "lady", though she certainly doesn't behave like one. However, Lyn is trying her best to please her newfound family in her noble life and has been seeking help on becoming a proper lady. Her actual name is Lyndis and has a very honest and noble nature.

Lyn: English, derived from the Welsh "lyn" which means "lake". Other meanings: waterfall, a cascade (Anglo-Saxon).

All her name meanings deal with water. Water is often associated with flexibility (from being a fluid), blue, and purity. Waterfalls and cascades also bring the image of forcefulness and power, Lyn has quite a bit of that. Lyn, like all lords, wears the color blue. She's also "blue blooded" since noble people are said to have blue blood.

The people of Sacae live on the plains and have that nature feeling (to me anyway). Waterfalls and cascades, let alone lakes, are part of nature.

Dis: Greek, another word for Satan. Also found in Dante's Inferno in the City of Dis, a barrier between the upper and lower levels of Hell.

Now...this...I really doubt the creators had this in mind or even knew of the City of Dis. The only thing I can think of is that Lyn is the link between the upper and lower classes.

Eliwood: Our red head hero! FLOWER PRINCESS ELIWOOD! The most prominent main character, he's very mannered and reserved giving him a mature air until he teases Hector. Eliwood is the one who shows his noble heritage more than the other three though very modest about his accomplishments. He certainly cares most deeply about the people he befriends, especially his parents, and takes most of the responsibility upon himself (but between Lyn and Hector, it's best that he does).

Eliwood: The name together bears no meaning. However, broken apart:

Eli: Hebrew, Ascended or my God. The biblical high priest Eli judged Israel for 40 years and instructed the young Samuel.

Although Lyn and Hector are lords, Eliwood appears to be the most important and is often noted in that sort of light. Eliwood's family from Pherae also appears to be the most important throughout the continent

Wood: ...wood.

Ehehe...well...according to Becca, wood burns. And burning means fire and fire is red. And, hey! Eliwood's hair is red! Aside from that, wood, as in forest, often means stability and protection. Eliwood is the most stable of the three lords and extremely protective of his party.

Hector: Hector is brash, loud, and very boyish in his maturity and manners. He's Eliwood's best friend and quite powerful. So powerful that he has invoked the rage of Lyndis and her new lunge thrust patterns that are said to be "good against axemen in heavy armor". Hector is very playful and, although he seems rough, a bit of a softy. He also doesn't seem to keen on growing up and accepting his responsibilities of ruling Ostia after succeeding his brother.

Hector: English/French/Spanish, Derived from Greek echein meaning "to hold, to possess". In Spanish, it means "Tenacious".

Tenacious: caffeinatedjedi [4:42 PM]:  uh, like...persistent

Hector possess many things. For one, as a lord of Ostia, he has the most powerful army. He's also the most emotional and his future bears the biggest burden out of all three lords. As for being "tenacious", Hector is incredibly persistent on what he wants and doesn't want. He doesn't want to rule Ostia so he often sneaks away from home without telling anyone. At one time he insisted that Nils ride upon his shoulders. So, without asking, he picks up Nils and puts him on his shoulders. =P

Greek Mythology: Hector was the mightiest warrior on the side of Troy during the Trojan War, and he led many of the attacks against the Greek troops. He and Ajax fought to a draw in single combat, and he killed Patroclus, the close friend and companion of Achilles. He was eventually killed by Achilles, who was eager to avenge Patroclus' death. Achilles then desecrated Hector's corpse by dragging it behind his chariot before the walls of Troy, and refused to give up the body for burial. Achilles only allowed the body to receive funeral rites after King Priam came to his tent to plead for its return in person.

Hector is the most powerful character in Fire Emblem- offense and defense wise.
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Date:May 19th, 2004 12:52 am (UTC)
Couple notes on Hector (possible spoilers):

- On tenacity: Hector really does seem to stick to his ideals, despite his reputation as Uther's flaky little brother. He will do whatever he can to aid his friends, even if it means going against his brother's wishes; this isn't to say that he doesn't value family, of course, as (in support convo B with Eliwood) we see him defending the virtue of a daughter he does not yet have. ^^ Years later, when we see him as Marquess Ostia, it's clear that he'd prefer not to have the job -- but as he says, duty always comes first to him.

- Another note on Hector (Iliad version): As well as Troy's mightiest warrior, he was also a devoted husband and father, and we see a tiny glimpse of that in FE with Lilina. Although, in FE, I don't believe we ever see Hector's courage fail him, as it does in The Iliad ^^;
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Date:November 22nd, 2005 01:31 pm (UTC)
So this is an old post, but I figure you'll get the comment email.

I'm in the middle of writing a paper on the Skáldskaparmál, and "dis" is the Old Norse word for "lady" or "goddess". There are still Icelandic girl's names with this suffix. Finally, "Lyndis" makes sense!
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